Sweet Dreams

I lay back on the bed and close my eyes. The silken sheets caress my form. My hands slide over me, giving silken touches that feel so wonderfully feminine.

My thoughts wander. Always in my fantasies, I am a changed woman, wonderfully full breasts, a slender waist, a nice round ass and waist length hair. Gone is the maleness that traps my reality. I am woman, hear me mew. Depending on the fantasy one part may or may not be changed. Some days I still have my rigid throbbing cock that stands in stark contrast to the woman I see. Other fantasies have me with the warm silken folds, hungry cunt and throbbing clit that makes me all woman.

The silk layer between my hands and my body, make my caresses feel as though I am touching another and they are touching me.  My hands slip to their favorite spots, one on a nipple and another on my cock as my fantasy takes form.

I find myself bound to a flogging cross, but instead of facing it, I find myself strapped with my back to it, totally nude. A gag is wrapped around my mouth, but attached to it is a dildo that has my mouth stuffed full. I have no idea where I am. There are bright lights shining directly upon me, I cannot see any of what is around me.

“Welcome to tonight’s show,” a voice booms from above, “here we have Jenni the shemale slut for your wanking pleasure.”

My cock already hard from the situation I find myself it, springs even more to attention at that annoucment.  “Look how much she likes that thought!” I hear from somewhere to my side.

A shiver runs through me as I notice hands slip from behind me and begin caressing my body.  They slide up and down me, tugging on my nipples, pinching me, squeezing me, playing with my breasts, pulling on my hair and very quickly there is one wrapped around my cock, stroking it slowly and steadily.  The hand on my cock takes a very slow rythem, which is absolutely torturous.  I know I won’t be able to fininsh at the rate it is going, but the loss of control makes me squirm all the more.

Just then, from the darkness comes a stream of fluid, splashing onto my right breast.  I look down, it is white and milky, someone had just cum on me.  Mmmm.  I buck my hips, trying to increase the pace of the hand on my cock as the hands from behind start rubbing the cum into my flesh.  With one thrust, I notice something from behind, someone has placed a dildo mounted to something behind my ass, and it seems to be steadily moving forward.

Another stream of cum comes from the darkness, the another and another.  I smile as best I can through my gag, they must be enjoying the show.  I shift to try to slide the dildo into me from behind as I continue to try to increase the pace against the hand against my cock.

I mooooan as it pops inside me.  More cum comes from the darkness, but how often and how much is totally lost to me.  I am lost in pleasure, fucking myself against the dildo and jacking myself off from the hand on my cock, covered in cum from all those masturbating to my show.  I feel the edge coming on, I moan…

I throw off my sheets as my cock finally explodes, spurting up on my chest and belly and I am once again in my bed.  I take a taste and sigh as reality returns to my mind and drift off to sleep, hoping my fantasy will infect my dreams.


One Response to “Sweet Dreams”

  1. Mina Says:

    I am jealous of men for this ability. You have the ability to play out fantasies in your head while you masturbate. These fantasies spur you forward until finally you cum. As for me, I cannot maintain a fantasy during masturbation (or fucking). If my mind is busy thinking about something else, I can’t make the orgasm happen. My mind has to be completely focused on my pussy and the sensations in order for me to cum.

    This was a hot little dream. I would have enjoyed it as well!

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