Morning Routine Part 1

Three of us are in the bed.  Sir and Ma’am are both sleeping soundly, while I lay curled up at there feet, covered by a small blanket, totally nude except for my collar with an alarm attached and ear buds running from the alarm to my ears, taped there so I will not lose them in my sleep.

All is quiet, when my first alarm goes off in my ears.  Sir set up my alarm for me, designed to keep me ready for when I might need to service him or Ma’am.  I awake each morning to the sounds of Sir and Ma’am fucking.  It is quite a lovely way to wake up and I am not to turn it off until the alarm is done playing all 15 minutes of it.  I walk into the kitchen to start Sir’s breakfast.

“Apron or no apron this morning?” I wonder to myself.  I decide to go with the apron, no sense in getting grease on my body if someone needs to play with it.  I place my apron on and cook Sir’s favorite breakfast, biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs.  He has been eating healthier lately, but I still fix his favorites once a week, he works hard and deserves such treats.  I place them on the table along with some orange juice and start the coffee brewing.  I look up at the clock, my next alarm will go off in two minutes, there will be no time to go back to sleep before it. I take off my apron and head towards the bedroom.

Right as I enter the room, my second alarm begins ringing in my ears.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  It is the sound of me begging to suck Sir’s cock.  He certainly knows how to make this girl very wet in the morning.  I gently slide under the sheets, very careful not to wake Sir and Ma’am with my movement.  That is not the way they are to be awoken.

I smile at my task of waking Sir up, he always has such lovely morning wood.  As nice of the sounds of the begging are, I turn them off in case Sir has anything he needs to tell me this morning.  I begin slowly licking all around his shaft, working to moisten it with my tongue, but carefully avoiding the underside.  Finally when the rest of his lovely cock is wet, I then begin to kiss and lick my way up the underside, from balls to tip.  This awakens Sir, I can tell, but he seems content to let me continue without additional direction.  I take the head of his cock into my mouth, teasing the opening with the tip of my tongue, swirling around his swollen bulbous head, all the while stroking the rest of his shaft with my hands.  Finally he places a hand on the back of my head to let me know what he wants this morning.

I slide his cock all the way to the back of my mouth.  I wiggle it at my throat to gag me and create more saliva, for what is to come.  I feel his other hand reach for my head, purse my lips tightly around his shaft and release control of things to him.  He takes control of my head and begins slowly fucking my throat, moving my head on his cock.  I relax as much as possible opening my throat for him.  He fucks my throat, my hands, lips and tongue caressing his cock all the while.  Finally he forces my head away and spurts his hot gooey cum all over my face.

I quickly lap up any that falls on the bed or on his flesh, licking him thoroughly clean.  Then he gets up and I crawl gently out from under the covers.

He whispers to me, “That’s a good slut, I am off to take a shower, I do not need your help to wash this morning.  When is your ma’am awakening today?”  I reply quickly and quietly, “At 9am, Sir.”

“Well she has some time then.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then wait for me in the kitchen until I am ready.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I prepare Sir’s coffee as I hear the running water of the shower in the background.  I then lay at the foot of his chair, waiting for him to arrive.  As I lay there, a bodily urge comes over me.  I need to pee.  I cannot do so without permission though and certainly not while Sir is in the shower, it might scald him.  So I lay curled up at the foot of his chair and desperately hope that Sir will come have breakfast soon.

To be continued…


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6 Responses to “Morning Routine Part 1”

  1. Mina Says:

    Oh what a fantastic little story this is. I am truly excited to read where this is going next! Wonderful job girley!

    • lostgirley Says:

      *smiles and blushes* Thank you so much! It started brewing with something that Sylvanus said yesterday on Twitter and it brewed into this overnight. I’m excited about it. (And “excited” after reading it again.) I’ve got a good idea where it is going, I just didn’t want to spend all morning on it at work. 😉 Plus, it actually might work better as a serial. 🙂

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  3. Coyote Too Says:

    Beautiful. You definitely make a slut I would be proud to call my own.

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