Morning Routine Part 2

This is part two of a multi-part series.  You can find part one here.

As I lay there waiting for Sir to get our of the finish, things went from bad to worse. The only sound in the entire house was the running water from Sir’s shower. My bladder screamed at me pee.

While laying there though I found myself growing more and more wet. Here I was, squirming on the floor, desperately needing to pee, but waiting for his permission for such a basic bodily function.

The growing warmth that spread through my pussy, distracted one set of bodily urges with another. I rubbed my thighs together, knowing better than to touch myself without approval.

I was so distracted by my growing horniness, I did not notice the sound of the shower cut off nor the sound of Sir coming out of the bathroom. So the scene he walked into was the sight of me, laying at the foot of his chair, rubbing my thighs together.

“Slut, I can smell you from here!”

I blushed profusely.

“Come here slut, let me see how wet you are!”

I crawled out from under the table, and stood beside him, bending over and grabbing my ankles, so he could thoroughly inspect my throbbing pussy.

However, bending over had an unexpected side effect, it squished my bladder, acutely reminding me of how badly I needed to pee.

He roughly shoved two fingers into my throbbing cunt, wiggling them around to thoroughly inspect me. I squeaked from the touch, so happy to have something in my throbbing cunt, but also so desperate to pee.

“You are quite the wet little slut today.”

“Yes Sir!”

“What has you so soaked, slut?”

“I need to pee, sir! And cannot do it without your permission.”

He wiggles his fingers more while softly chuckling at my predicament. “You need to pee do you? I could do so many things with that. I could put you outside like an animal, naked and peeing on the grass.”

I blush thoroughly at the thought, but it excites me at the same time, being treated like a common animal. My cunt reflexively squeezes around his fingers in response.

“You like that idea. No that won’t do, I can’t have my pet that sleeps on the bed getting all dirty in the mud. I could make you perform for me, seeing if you can make it and punishing you severely if you have an accident on the floor.”

Once again my cunt clenches around his fingers.

He chuckles again  He reaches down and messes with the alarm on my collar. “No I have no time for that this morning, despite your approval of that idea. Ask me sweetly, girl.”

“May I please go to the bathroom, Sir?”

He waits a moment before answering just to torment me a little more.

“You may, slut.”

He removes his fingers and I stand up rush off to the restroom.

I quickly pee and return to the kitchen to find him eating his breakfast. When I walk in, he tells me to come over to him.  He looks at the alarm on my collar again and changes something.

I start to hear what he has set up for me.  I begin to hear repeatedly:

“May I please go to the bathroom, Sir?”

“You may, slut.”

Followed by the sounds of me peeing.

I once again take my place at his feet.  He rests them on top of me and I rest while he eats, constantly reminded that I am his and that such basic things are only through his leave. I sigh contentedly, awaiting whatever tasks he might need me for next, along with the rest of my morning routine.

To be continued…


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3 Responses to “Morning Routine Part 2”

  1. Mina Says:

    It’s amazing how having one simple function controlled by your owner can make one so wet. Nicely written.

  2. kyle Says:

    I’m all sucked in now.. waiting for the next part of the story

  3. Morning Routine Part 3 « Musings of a Lost Girley Says:

    […] Morning Routine Part 3 By lostgirley This is the third part in a multi-part series.  If you click on the Morning Routine tag, you can see them all. Or if you prefer part 1 and part 2. […]

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