I’m back.

I’ve spent the last month or so, struggling with depression and being way over worked, due to another round of layoffs.

The reasonings behind my depression, honestly, I would share, but I think with where my head is right now, I’d be better off not talking about them and reminding myself of the problems.    I think I’ve discovered something that I want, but coming out and asking for it, I don’t think is the way to approach this.  (Which is often the best approach, but not in this scenario.)  But I’m not quite sure how to approach it though.

Oh, hai!  Yes, I am cryptic girl today!  Why do you ask?

But all that said, (or not said) I am back around.  I’m going to try and get writing again soon.  I’m back on twitter.  But I probably won’t be as ubiquitious as before, just because I have so much work to do.

Good morning everyone!



One Response to “I’m back.”

  1. mina Says:

    its nice to see you back.

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