After my post yesterday, a friend asked me if I was going for SRS.  I realized I didn’t give much detail at all yesterday about where this all is going.

I am taking a rather small dosage of E.  There will probably be minor physical changes over time.  (Hopefully my nips go back to that wonderfully sensitive state they had last time I was on E.)  But my point isn’t to transition, at least not now.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I, as of right now, have unresolved custody issues of my kids.  And even once custody were resolved, I have a feeling, it could get reopened real quick if I decided to transition.

No, this is to give me a bit more of that warm girleyness in my head that comes with such substances.  This is to give me those mild changes to my body, that thrill me so much, even if no one else will notice.  This is to give me a little more girl to hold onto in a world that sees boy.

Thank you again to my friend who made this all possible.  And maybe, over a decade down the line, when I have a empty nest, I will re-asses where this is all headed.  But for now, I mildly, slowly and secretly become more and more me.


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