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(MFM) Frustrated.

September 28, 2009

“DAMMIT” he screamed into the cock shaped gag.  His own cock throbbed for attention.  He could see it standing erect through his cleavage.  “My cleavage,” he thought, “I shouldn’t have cleavage.” However, even noticing the breasts jutting from his chest, made his cock throb even more.



I’ve beed a bad blogging girley.

September 28, 2009

I haven’t been updating at all.  And even when there have been things to update about.

I’ve been supposed to take measurements and share them with you and I haven’t.  I deserve a spanking for not even doing so once.  *waits for the spanking*  Drat.

Anyway!  I looked in the mirror this morning and there was most definitely a difference in my chest!  The left one, well, it’s breast shaped.  (Hmmm. Gives me thoughts for Thursday.) I’ve tried several times to very much to describe the difference in shape, but it’s not coming out right.  So, it’s more breast shaped as opposed to boy chest shaped.

 I need to start measuring.  Can I really measure myself?  And where is my measuring tape?

But breast!!!