(MFM) Frustrated.

“DAMMIT” he screamed into the cock shaped gag.  His own cock throbbed for attention.  He could see it standing erect through his cleavage.  “My cleavage,” he thought, “I shouldn’t have cleavage.” However, even noticing the breasts jutting from his chest, made his cock throb even more.

He had shown up for the ‘study’ on male fantasies.  The Dr. put him in a room and gave him the following instructions.  “Every time you want release, all you have to do is push the button.” the Dr. said, “And you will receive a nice long blow job and exactly get what you are thinking of.  Make sure you describe your thoughts in full during the blow job.”

The thought of release and a blowjob whenever he wanted it, drew his mind to the opposite.  So when he pushed the button and a young lady got on her knees and began to suck him, a picture formed in his mind.

“She is so frustrated.  Her body is wired for sex and every little touch of her flesh just turns her on, like clitoral stimulation would a normal woman and her erogenous zones are even moreso.  To keep her from pleasuring herself or humping every man alive to death, they keep her strapped to a table.  Her voice is like a sirens call and she so desperately craves cock that they keep a cock shaped dildo shoved in her mouth, so no man is tempted to ‘crash upon her shores.’  She has long red hair and a huge chest, her body naturally hairless absolutely beautiful. As she squirms on the table, desperate to break free of her bonds, the movement of her flesh turns her on all the more.  She is frustration incarnate, to feed her, they feed a liquid diet through a tube in her ‘cock gag.’  Each day her frustration grows ever stronger, desperate for release she will never receive.”  And with that, he came in the mouth of the young lady pleasuring him and passed out.

He awoke to find himself staring at the girl he had pictured in his mind, only with one key difference, she had a very hard cock.  He went to say something and noticed his mouth was full of something.  He thrashed to find himself strapped down, but his thrashing sent waves of pleasure through his body, he arched his back from it and only then noticed the girl did the exact same thing.  He looked down to see his throbbing cock between cleavage, his cleavage.

“DAMMIT” he screamed into the cock shaped gag.  He looked for the button, he still had it,  but it was about a centimeter out of reach of his hand.


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2 Responses to “(MFM) Frustrated.”

  1. PapaTomLA Says:

    Interesting reading your writing – I’ve read the last half dozen or so of your posts to understand where you are coming from. You must be really stuck in the middle having to provide a parental face to the kids, and yet maintaining your girley self inside. I’ve faced similar (not identical) decisions years ago and I’ve always been glad I decided to provide what the kids needed from me, difficult as it was.

    Frustration indeed. Specially when the button is just out of reach. Good work.

  2. Kyle Says:

    wow.. that is pure torment.. damn.. well done..

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