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Morning Routine Part 6

November 11, 2009

This is the sixth part in a multi-part series.  If you click on the Morning Routine tag, you can see them all. Or if you prefer part 1part 2part 3part 4, and part 5.

Ma’am looked at me with a mixture of lust and anger.  I quickly withdrew my hand from my clit, but I hesitated, what do I do with my hand in Ma’am’s pussy.  I don’t think there’s a right answer to this one.  So I froze.

“You stepped out of line, slut.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She paused, looking at me, trying to decide what to do about it.




November 9, 2009

I feel the full weight of a woman’s breasts hanging from my chest.  I feel the ache of a hungry and empty pussy between my legs…


Morning Routine, Part 5

November 9, 2009

This is the fourth part in a multi-part series.  If you click on the Morning Routine tag, you can see them all. Or if you prefer part 1part 2, part 3, and part 4.

My alarm goes off, to awake again with the sound of Ma’am cumming loudly in my earbuds.  Oh, what a beautiful sound.

I turn off my alarm and gently slip out of bed again, leaving the sounds playing in the background.  Ma’am’s breakfast is always so simple, a piece of graepfruit and toast most mornings.  

I slip back into bed and softly let my hands carress her body.  Fingertips sliding against flesh, carressing and stroking.  She slides flat onto her stomach.  I take this as a sign she want’s to be awoken with a massage. I slide myself to rest between her legs and begin working on her shoulders and neck.  Pressing and squeezing and working the tension out of her any way I can.

She moans lightly with pleasure from the massage.  I smile, happy to make her happy. 

I continue to her upper back again pressing and squeezing and kneeding any tension out of her.  She must really need the release after the way She and Sir played last evening.  As I continue to massage her, my mind drifts to the evening before.



November 6, 2009

I feel the buzz from the microchip planted at the base of my neck.  I grin.  In a moment, the dull mundane of what accounts for a normal life will fade away and I will once again become alive.

I go to the mirror to see what changes Sir has in store for me this evening.


A View From the Top (HNT)

November 5, 2009

I took this one with my other set of shots for the last HNT I participated in.  I thought it was good enough to use as an HNT all on it’s own.


Another Wonderful Day Filled with Tension

November 5, 2009

My wonderful tormentor from Tuesday read my post from yesterday and decided she wanted to torment me even more.  The catch was, I was in meetings for most of the day.  Well, that didn’t stop my friend.

While in the meeting, I spent much of my time, tweaking my nipples, rubbing them and tugging on them when I could discreetly.  It was so yummy to tease myself secretly in front of all these people.  I could feel the heat radiating off my face, with how flushed I was.  I began to imagine what it would be like if they caught me and all decided to have their way with me, since I am obviously a little fuck toy, who’s best use is to be taken.  (*grin* While writing that, my nipples definitely seemed to like that thought, “Hello!”)


A Nice Painful Reminder.

November 4, 2009

I read two wonderfully erotic stories yesterday by Mina from Longing’s End and Secret Desire.  Here is the first and the second. By the end of the second one, I was lust personified. I was nothing more than “OMG Fuck Me!” in the shape of a person.  My face was flushed, I could feel the heat radiating off it.

That followed by a very intense chat session with a friend.  I was her good little foot and leg massager and was taking good care of her.  *smile* She had juices running down my leg.  She even crossed the interned divide and take some actions on myself and secretly taste some of those juices here at my desk.  My body was flooded with adrenalin.  I was speechless for a moment with how turned on I was.  And then…