A Nice Painful Reminder.

I read two wonderfully erotic stories yesterday by Mina from Longing’s End and Secret Desire.  Here is the first and the second. By the end of the second one, I was lust personified. I was nothing more than “OMG Fuck Me!” in the shape of a person.  My face was flushed, I could feel the heat radiating off it.

That followed by a very intense chat session with a friend.  I was her good little foot and leg massager and was taking good care of her.  *smile* She had juices running down my leg.  She even crossed the interned divide and take some actions on myself and secretly taste some of those juices here at my desk.  My body was flooded with adrenalin.  I was speechless for a moment with how turned on I was.  And then…


Then the work day ended.

This was followed by my commute, a trip to the store, taking care of the kids, and all that fun stuff.

Well, with all that, I had never gotten around to “finishing.” So about 2 hours after the end of work, I notice that my bits were very pissed off at me, due to this.  They ached with the lust denied.  Oh how it hurt, but I went on about my evening taking care of all of that responsible adult stuff.  

The odd thing now is, the pain last night was not fun.  But come this morning, looking back on my afternoon and even the pain, it gets my motor running again.  7:30 in the morning and I’m already starting to squirm in my seat.  Maybe I’ll have to do that again soon.


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