I feel the buzz from the microchip planted at the base of my neck.  I grin.  In a moment, the dull mundane of what accounts for a normal life will fade away and I will once again become alive.

I go to the mirror to see what changes Sir has in store for me this evening.

I don’t know if he designed it this way or if is just part of the process, but generally, there are no noticable changes by the time I get to the mirror.  There stands the slightly pudgy, 30-something man with the receding hairline and thinning on the top, who is about to fade into oblivion.  And I love to watch him go.

I giggle.  The mirror is getting larger, well, that’s what it looks like in all actuality I’m getting shorter.  I’m 6’6″ in my “natural” form, but when Sir turns me into his plaything, I am almost never taller than 5’6″, something about conservation of mass or something like that. 

He must have “big” plans tonight.  I watch my stature continue to shrink.  However, he seems to want me a certain way, because the extra bits between my legs still haven’t tucked up inside.

Oh, I seem really short tonight.  I put my hands on my hips and feel them spread outward from me, my hands sliding back to my now firmly rounding ass.  They slide up to my waist as it shrinks to be half of the size of my hips.

They slide up again, cupping my chest, which inflates like two balloons in my hands.  My breasts grow and grow and grow, this is why I am so short, they are absolutely huge this evening.  My areolae spread along with my nips, which are now a full inch out from what I’m guessing is a HH chest.  I go back to my face and notice my hair must have changed while I was focusing on my breasts.

I walked to the wall where Sir had put a place to measure myself in my room and measured myself.  4’10”, hairless peaches and cream skin, with a spattering of freckles, mid-back length red hair, green eyes, probably 36″ hips, 18″ waist and definitely top-heavy.  Oh, and an average sized girl cock and balls between my legs.  I slide my hands over myself, savoring the curves for just a moment. 

I look up at the mirror again, the drawer from underneath slides out.  I look inside to find a leash and collar.  I look at the collar and see he wants me extra obedient tonight.  He gave me the one that will link with my chip and suppress my will entirely.  I will be conscious and experience it all, but I will just be along for the ride in my own body, my girl cock throbs and my nipples stiffen at the thought of totally submitting myself to His will like that.  I wonder what type of personality he will give the “blank slate.”

I smile, by morning I will turn back into a pumpkin and be the out of shape office worker, but even totally under his control, for the next few hours, I will feel utterly alive.

I snap the collar shut, feel the loss of control and await his commands.

(To be continued, maybe)



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One Response to “Alive”

  1. Mina Says:

    such a very creative little tale. I hope you do write more.

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