Morning Routine, Part 5

This is the fourth part in a multi-part series.  If you click on the Morning Routine tag, you can see them all. Or if you prefer part 1part 2, part 3, and part 4.

My alarm goes off, to awake again with the sound of Ma’am cumming loudly in my earbuds.  Oh, what a beautiful sound.

I turn off my alarm and gently slip out of bed again, leaving the sounds playing in the background.  Ma’am’s breakfast is always so simple, a piece of graepfruit and toast most mornings.  

I slip back into bed and softly let my hands carress her body.  Fingertips sliding against flesh, carressing and stroking.  She slides flat onto her stomach.  I take this as a sign she want’s to be awoken with a massage. I slide myself to rest between her legs and begin working on her shoulders and neck.  Pressing and squeezing and working the tension out of her any way I can.

She moans lightly with pleasure from the massage.  I smile, happy to make her happy. 

I continue to her upper back again pressing and squeezing and kneeding any tension out of her.  She must really need the release after the way She and Sir played last evening.  As I continue to massage her, my mind drifts to the evening before.

Sir called me into the bedroom and told me to kneel at the wall, between the closet and the master bath.  I did as I was told.  He came over to me with a short chain, no more than 2 feet in length.  He attached one end to my collar and one to a ring he had added to the wall.  I could lay down or kneel, but there was no way I could stand up or hardly move at all.  

He smiled at me.  “Slut, you be a good girl and sit and watch while I show you ways to take care of a real lady.  Not a little slut like yourself.  This is your spot and it should keep my slut safe.  I don’t want to hear a word out of you, unless I give you permission to speak.”  

Oh, they must have spent 20 minutes just kissing and caressing and fondling before they even began to take their clothes off.  All the while, I sat there ignored, chained to the wall.  If being stuck and ignored wasn’t enough, watching them made me all the wetter.  My pussy and clit throbbed and screamed at me to play with them.  But I was determined to be a good girl and my own denial seemed to feed the need coming from my bits.

Shortly, they shed their clothes, seeming to purposely throw them at me.  I did not move any that fell on me, for that was not my place, exept to unblock my eyes when Sir’s shirt blocked my view.  I was told to watch and did not want to get in trouble for not doing so.

Sir sat near the edge of the bed and Ma’am climbed on him, strattling his cock and began rolling her hips back and forth with him inside of her.  He growled and begain sucking vigoursly on her nipples.  Her hips began to move faster.  She pushed him down to the bed and begand violently grinding against him.  He grabbed her nipples and tugged on them, this urged Ma’am on all the more, over and over she rode him, eventually turning around to face away from him.  Finally, she screamed and moaned and came and came and came.  Finally, Sir growled loudly and bucked up into her.  And I could tell it was over. Ma’am turned back around and looked so spent lying on top of Sir.

Sir then came over in front of me and told me to clean his cock.  I had to strain at my chain and half squat to reach it correctly.  But I vigoursly licked every drop of both his own and Ma’am juices off of him, sucking and licking and savoring every drop of my owners’ fluids.  

“Lay down girl, I’ll let you join us in bed later.”

He then walked back to the bed and curled up with Ma’am.  I laid down and did as I was told.

Slut” Ma’am growled at me.  This woke me up from the visions of the previous evening and brought me back to reality, I found myself playing with my clit with one hand and fingering Ma’am with the other.  I had become totally distracted from her massage and let my hands wander.  

This was not part of the morning routine.

To be continued…


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2 Responses to “Morning Routine, Part 5”

  1. Mina Says:

    Oh you naughty little slut! I’d like to see what happens next. I really enjoyed the part where you clean his cock.

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