More thoughts…

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle

The mind will find whatever you look for.  

You feel like everything is going right?  You will find it in all the little and big things that happen, that just might be going right or close enough to it.  

You feel everything is going wrong?  Some things will be wrong and normal minor inconveniences your mind will make wrong.

Feel lost? You will find more and more things to make it confusing.

Decide you have found the right path?  You will seek data to support it and each step that goes right, will only validate it and minor enough incongruities can be easily dismissed.

The most enlightened of people, keep their minds open and do not dismiss conflicting data.  But it’s impossible to do all the time, the brain just cannot contain the abundance of data that is streamed at us every second and that’s not just on the Internet.  In your bedroom, all alone, just think how much infomation is there.  The position of everything in the room, the varying colors, the shape and size of things, the architectural features, the crack in the window, the temperature in all the different places, the texture of the surfaces. Not only that, look at things individually, just how many memories do you have attached to specific things in your bedroom?  How much user specific data, that is just bout your relationship to it, is contained in that neclace or coin or urn or bauble?  You literally can’t take it all in.

How does that apply to your life then?  What are you looking for in your day?

After a very deep look into myself after the last months, the questions I’m posing back to myself today are “What do I want to look for around me?  What focuses in my life would give me the greatest personal payoff?”

I don’t know yet.  But the changing the search, changes the focus, with hopefully better results.


One Response to “More thoughts…”

  1. Bubbles von BonBon Says:

    Amen, sista. Now if I could just really keep this in mind. 🙂

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