After those thoughts…


I’ve been in panties 10 days straight.

One day I even wore a sports bra to work under my clothes.  *grins*

My thoughts from that day:


Bra with no cups or support or really any way to adjust, when it’s not even really needed.

*giggles* I’m wearing a TRAINING BRA!

*grins* I can haz the pre-teen girl hormones to go with it, plz?



My favorite day though, was last Friday when I wore the high waisted panty girdle.  Snug and probably the closest I will get to waist training for a while.  When I finally get some “extra money” I need to get a few more pair of those, so I can wear them consistently, ‘cuz I sure can’t wear the same one every day!

*adds 6 more panty girdles to “when I have more money list*

I’m more and more being me again.  The girl is not gone.  The money and work stress and etc all still weigh on me so heavy, they are the gray clouds looming over everything, but it doesn’t mean I can’t splash in the puddles wearing my skirt, while hoping to see the rainbow soon.



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