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A View From the Top (HNT)

November 5, 2009

I took this one with my other set of shots for the last HNT I participated in.  I thought it was good enough to use as an HNT all on it’s own.



(HNT) Growing.

October 1, 2009

I know I’m not the most well endowed girl in the world.  But my breasts make me very happy.  Happy HNT everyone!


Now I go off searching for the tittie fairy!

HNT What else would I post today?

August 27, 2009



This weeks HNT is my new patch.  That little thing the size of  a postage stamp is what’s working it’s magic.

I’ll leave it up to everyones imagination where that patch is applied. 😉

Lips (HNT)

March 19, 2009


My lips. One of the few parts of me that I feel are naturally feminine. No enhancements, no changes from hormones, just me and my luscious lips.

And so many wonderful things revolve around lips.

A kiss is the first thought usually to pop to mind, lips against lips.

Your partner’s teeth, sunk into your bottom lip.

Lips suckling on a nipple.

Brushing soft lips along your lovers neck.

Pouting is a wonderful form of play, full lips, poking out.

And of course, lips pursed tight around a cock, gently or quickly sliding up and down, trying to coax a treat from him.

Lips are such wonderfully, lovely, sexy things. 🙂