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Another Wonderful Afternoon

March 11, 2009

Yestarday, I had another absolutely wonderful Twitter play session with Mina and Sylvanus. Oh to do such wonderfully delicious things to her cunt and his cock in front of so many, I’ve had many real life encounters that are no where near as intense.

To serve them the way I did yesterday was absolutely wonderful. And in a way, I wasn’t just servicing them, but servicing all those who read it. I think I gave them pleasure and hope I did so to others. My mind created the tastes and feels of our words. I know it made me a very turned on girl.

But, for now at least, it is over and I have turned back into a pumpkin. But today is another day and we shall see what it will bring.

Have a wonderfully sexy day and I’ll see you twitside.


Who Brought Me Here

March 9, 2009

Well the easy answer is Mina and Sylvanus.  And it is true.  I spoke with Mina about my LJ today, when she stumbled on it from my Twitter profile.  I wasn’t sure if it was right for the content I was considering posting, so Mina suggested here on wordpress.

However, it would have been very unlikely that we would have had that conversation today, if not for the absolutely wonderful play session we had on Twitter today.  There was just something amazing about it.  I could almost feel female bits that I don’t actually have.  I was throbbing and dripping by the time all was said and done and so were several of our followers by their own admissions.  And it sounds like there is more to come:

Me: *smile* Should I stop then, ma’am? (to Mina)
Sylvanus: I think “pause” is a better word…this will definitely be continued.

Just re-reading through it and the thought of playing with them again has me throbbing.

The conversation is smart and sexy.

The fact that here we are in front of the who web openly playing, “Hey everyone, watch them fuck and play with me!” Something about that thought makes me shiver even now.  Oooh. I wonder how many folks got off to that scene. The idea of people pleasuring themselves to me? *goosebumps* Mmmmm.  I’d love the thought that I might the subject of someone’s fantasy.  I’ll see what I can do to maybe write everyone a story in my next post.